Salsa dancing could be difficult as there are also its styles. In this presentation part of styles, we will cover 8 styles of salsa dancing. there are many things that you can consider when you will dance the salsa. You can incorporate techniques in any of the styles of salsa dancing. There are spins, body movement, shoulder shimmies, arm work, rolls, legwork, and hand styles. you can also have lessons to salsa styling in different genres.

Cuban Style Salsa

It originates in Cuba and its feature is the circular direction and not of the spins.


Colombian Style Salsa ( also called Cumbia)

This is same to salsa but the difference lies in the music that has the long pause. You may not find one that teaches this easily as the family members taught their young generation themselves.

New York Style Salsa

It was introduced in the year of 1960s and it could feature a complicated footwork that is not easy to follow. It is also called or referred as Dancing “On 2” that describes its feature. Or it is also called the Eddie Torres style.

The other style of salsa is Casino Rueda Style Salsa (Rueda de Casino, Salsa Rueda), Puerto Rican Style Salsa and L.A. Style Salsa.

Salsa Shines

This type is given to dancers to show their own ability when they are dancing with a partner. They can have more complicated moves. Dancers can do their own style and it will make it more challenging.

Miami Style Salsa (Classico Cubano, Casino)

It is from the Cuban salsa but harder. It has already been evolved and so movements are harder. It focuses more on circular direction rather than the linear one.