Salsa Clubs in Mexico

If you go to Mexico, expect that you will find many who dances the salsa dance. It is already a national dance that many who lives there knows how to do it. They are usually taught by the family members and so it is already a common practice to dance with each other.  There are exceptions as many also do not know how to dance the salsa having been from the country that salsa has taken root. That is why for your guide to experience it, here is the list.

Mama Rumba

This is one of the popular spots to be able to encounter salsa dancers. The style that rules here is the Cuban salsa. You can find this bar in its location for about more than 20 years already. It has its branches and you can surely find this as it has been already a must visit place in Mexico.

Pata Negra

This is another place you should visit if you are in the place. It has many branches to choose from and they sometimes offer salsa classes.

Salón Tropicana

If you want to learn salsa first before going to the other places then this is the best place for you as there are many who will teach you the dance. It is a place not just for foreigners but also for the locals.

Rincón Cubano

Visit this place and you will surely enjoy the atmosphere and the adventure. The Mexican experience and the salsa dance is felt. Even if you are a beginner, make a try and dance salsa.


Other places to cover that gives you the chance to practice your salsa and have some food and a good night is La Bodeguita del Medio and Mambocafé.