Singing vs. Dancing: Why is Singing more Favored?

Dancing and singing are actually both good and it is hard to judge which one is better between the two. Let us say you both love dancing and singing. Dancing requires a lot of time to practice and it is obviously harder to learn than singing. How can we say that singing is more favored than dancing? If you are watching international competitions engaging in different field of arts, a singer comes as the winner. We can say that there is bias in it.

On the other hand, there are shows organizing competition of one kind of talent only. For example, competition of singers only, competition of dancers only, pianist only, guitarist only. Britain and America’s Got Talent is an example of competition that involves judging talents of different category. Dancers, magicians, singers, and so forth all come together and compete with each other and the winner is a singer. This shows that singing is favored as a form of art performances over artworks in the field of arts and sciences. This site will gonna help you visit this catering service. Check over this link 餐飲 丙級 for more. They will serve you more delicious foods.

Why? This is because of the influence of the brain. Many of artworks can touch our hearts but the effect of songs stays longer because of the brain. The message of a song stays in our hearts and we want to listen again and again. This is the perhaps the reason why singing is favored. The effect to our body is also different. For as long as people are listening to an angelic voice and to a beautiful message, it would be enough reason to favor singing.